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Who We Are

In 2010, Selfless4Africa (S4A) was birthed to meet the needs of the African people. With the ultimate goal of uplifting Africa’s underprivileged, S4A seeks to arouse a passion for selflessness in people of different persuasions and to inspire acts of selflessness with respect to the plight of the underprivileged. We believe that while individual acts of selflessness may touch the life of one person or one community, the sum of these individual acts can impact an entire nation. Accordingly, our programs are structured to encourage our beneficiaries to pay forward these selfless efforts by volunteering to help another person or community in need. We believe that this conditioning will create a domino effect of service in Africa and across the globe.

We established two programs toward our mission of uplifting Africa’s poor and changing Africa’s future one life at a time. In 2010, S4A began its efforts with the Scholarship Program, and today, we have awarded three-year scholarships to 48 secondary school students in three African countries, some of whom have now graduated and gone on to university matriculation. In 2012, we established partnerships with orphanages in two countries to expand our reach and impact and help improve the trajectory and overall quality of life for Africa’s future leaders. We provide our partner orphanages with the basic amenities needed to care for their orphans as they strive to achieve their educational goals (e.g., generators, books, computers, food, etc.).

We hope that all of our programs facilitate our mission to inspire acts of selflessness among our beneficiaries as well as any bystanders. Additionally, we established the Hero Award and the Pioneer’s Grant to honor those who are enriching lives with their selfless acts.

Currently, we have been implementing the Emerging Leaders Award program (ELP), which recognizes students in tertiary institutions in Africa who are focused on developing solutions to endemic challenges within their communities. S4A annually sponsors the winning project, delivering positive outcomes to the community, while inspiring others to give back. S4A also continues to work with veterans of the ELP to build a network of future leaders that will help uplift the African continent.

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