1.  To uplift Africa’s poor and change Africa’s future one life at a time.
2.  To inspire acts of selflessness in others.


Selfless4Africa (S4A) is a catalyst for a peaceful, loving, and collaborative world where people of different persuasions are proactive in reducing the plight of the underprivileged. The S4A vision is a future Africa where:

  1. All children are able to attain formal primary and secondary school education, regardless of their family’s income and status. Education is critical toward improving one’s life trajectory. Education equips people with the qualifications for better job opportunities and the skill set to succeed in life.
  2. Africans, the African diaspora, and ALL people habitually participate in daily acts of selflessness.



Our core belief that ordinary people can make a difference. Inspiring and encouraging people, especially those who live in Africa, to be agents of change within their immediate community is at the heart of what we do.

The Gift of Hope

Giving the gift of hope makes our efforts worthwhile. We are committed to helping orphanages and less fortunate people to the extent that our resources can accommodate.


Education is a basic and necessary ingredient for change. Our programs grant tuition subsidies to young people who are social agents of change. We believe that formal education enhances lives.

Transparency & Integrity

Fifty percent of our resources coming from our members. And we ensure that 100% of donations received from non-members go towards program recipients. We are committed to utmost transparency, and will open our books to any serious party for examination.

Youth Empowerment

We believe that younger people are the vehicle for change in Africa. Our programs are tailored to motivate young people living in Africa to positively impact their community.