Emerging Leaders Award (ELP)

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Emerging Leaders Award (ELP)

A bedrock of our founding mission is to inspire others, especially younger folks in our mother continent, to play a more active part in improving the society. With this in mind, we crafted this initiative; It is structured to be a competition amongst university students in various African countries. The students, in groups of 3 to 5, are required to submit a proposal on how they can benefit their society, and with our partners who help us implement the program on the ground, we will select the most impactful idea. The pilot program was launched in Ghana in 2014. We have currently expanded this program to Nigeria in 2015 and Zambia in 2017.

Emerging Leaders Awards: Ghana
The ELP award in Ghana is implemented with the help of our partner in Ghana, The Osei Kusi Foundation (OKF).

ELP 1 (2014 -2105)

The winning groups for the first edition of ELP in Ghana were students(SURGE team) from Catholic University Ghana, with a winning proposal to implement a bread bakery in Nanketawa Brong Ahafo Ghana The staff that will man the bakery are women drawn from the Nanketawa community and they will be undergoing training on how to run the facility and obtain gainful employment.





The Nanketawa Bakery sponsored by Selfless for Africa was commissioned January 30 2015.

ELP 2 (2015 -2106)

The Hope for the Future project began last year 2015 to equip some patients at the Accra Psychiatric Hospital with skills in beads stringing so as to enable them become self-sustained after they are discharged from the hospital. We later decided to go a step further and renovate their defunct Occupation Therapy Unit (OTU) so as to serve as a production center for the patients. This was to enable our trainees work in comfort.









Architectural plan of the Occupational Therapy Unit

The first part of the project was to get a student architect in person of Mr. Stephen Annak, a graduate Architect from the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology. He surveyed the OTU and presented the team and the Estate Manager of the Hospital with the final work which was approved. This was done last year, 2015.
Renovation quickly started after that. The carpentry aspect of the renovation was to be tackled first, followed by the carpentry, the electricals, the masonry and finally the painting of the Unit.
The carpentry aspect began late last year, after the team received the first installment of the funds from the Osei Kusi foundation. We quickly scheduled a time to go with the carpenter to purchase the materials for the work. The carpentry work took 2 weeks to complete.
After the carpentry aspect we needed to clear the OTU before proper work could continue, we therefore organized the team to go to the hospital premises on the 3rd of February 2016 to clear the OTU. This paved way for the other part of the work to go on. Prior to the clearing, the team had purchased materials for the electrical work. This was done with the hospital electricians on the 26th January 2016. Materials such as a main switch, fans, saving bulbs, wires and other materials were bought and fixed.










Clearing of the OTU by members of the team

The masonry part was next. This part of the project was completed in April 2016 after the clearing of the OTU. After this we set a day to assist the painter in the painting of the OTU. The first part of the painting had to do with scraping off rust from the wire mesh and other part of the unit. This took the team the whole day. The next trip to the hospital saw the commencement of painting of the wire mesh. We were later accompanied by representatives from the Osei-Kusi Foundation. Due to exams however the team hasn’t been able to re-visit or join in the painting. The painter assured us of a complete work on the 8th of May 2016 but due to a hand injury he sustained, he is now looking forward to finishing on Thursday, 19th May, 2016.










Team members painting the wire mesh of the portion being renovated

The next step of the renovation is the interior of the Unit. The GHC7000 wasn’t able to cater for the interior. The team will therefore be using the additional GHC3000 for the interior materials required to keep the Unit in shape.
The team is positive that we will be able to complete the OTU in time so as to have a grand opening of the Unit before the grand finale of the 3rd edition of the Community Service Award. The team has scheduled to have this grand event on the 25th of May which falls on the AU day. We hope to invite dignitaries and representatives from the ministries to witness as we impact lives at the hospital.
The Way forward:

After the grand opening of the OTU the team intends to look for additional sponsorship to fully complete the renovation of the entire building. The team will also discuss with the hospital management to increase the number of trainees so that more lives can be impacted in the hospital. Finally we intend to introduce a new vocation that will help give trainees the opportunity to choose an area they are comfortable in.







Renovated portion with team members working
Beads Production:

Production of beads at the OTU has been put on hold for some time now till we are done with the work at the OTU. We are hopeful that work will continue right after a complete renovation of the Unit. The team however has been working hard in helping to make sales of beads that have been produced.
The Hope for the Future project is a life changing one, and the ENACTUS-University of Ghana team is committed to seeing it through and making sure that what we started as a team doesn’t die.









Renovated portion after painting


ELP 3 (2016-2017)

Emerging Leaders Program Project 2016 Ghana update

The ongoing water bore-hole project in the Duta community in Ghana has gone past the midway point. The project is being undertaken by a group of students (team Embak) from the Allied University of health sciences. Duta is a community in the Volta region of Ghana bordering the country of Togo in West Africa and has been subject to environmental pollution from industrial quarry activities in the region. Scarcity of potable water is a major problem besetting the community.








Students from Team Embak Allied University of Health Sciences Ghana, receiving their winning award for ELP 2016 Ghana on June 24th 2016

The project kicked off during the last quarter of 2016 and is currently half-way towards completion. The team from Osei Kufor Foundation (OKF), our partners in Ghana was at the project site to inspect the developments and interact with the individuals from the community. The delegation was well received and the community was grateful to the students to OKF and to Selfless4Africa for the massive impact in their community. Below are sound and sites from the Duta water project site sponsored under the Emerging Leaders project scheme of Selfless4Africa.







Ground work on project site for water project