The Hero Award

Raised: $0.00
Goal: $500.00

The Selfless Hero Award was established to help encourage people of all orientations to step out of their comfort zones and engage in selfless acts that uplift and put a smile on the face of others.  Selfless4Africa awards $250.00 to two (2) individuals who have demonstrated acts of selflessness to a perfect stranger.

Participation Guidelines:

  • Participants are encouraged to share their selfless act with the outside world through social media.
  • Selfless act must be performed outside their normal sphere of comfort.
  • Beneficiaries of selfless act must be a perfect stranger (Beneficiaries who are family, friends, acquaintances, colleagues will disqualify the submission).
  • Participant must provide details for the verification of their selfless act; monetary award is granted after a verification process.

Selection Guidelines:

  • Winning participants will be selected by S4A Team.
  • The (2) selfless acts with the most votes will receive $250 in support of their efforts or to a charity of their choice.
  • The two Hero Award recipients will be recognized and availed an opportunity to speak at the Benefit Gala.
  • The S4A Team is encouraged to participate in this program but are not eligible for to receive the Hero award.

Examples of Selfless Acts:

  • Buying groceries for people, preferably in Africa
  • Buying shoes for a number of students, preferably in Africa
  • Awarding scholarship to children in your community
  • Paying rent for the underprivileged either in the US or in Africa
  • Paying toll gate fees for someone
  • Helping a stranded person on the highway
  • Visiting the sick, the elderly, or incarcerated people
  • Paying a hospital bill for someone, either in the US or in Africa
  • Volunteering in your community
  • Joining a mentoring program in your community

2013 Hero’s Award Application Form – Completed applications must be submitted to by December 27, 2013.

Hero Award Winners: