Emerging Leaders Program

A bedrock of our founding mission is to inspire others, especially youth and young adults in our mother continent, to play a more active part in improving society.  With this in mind, we crafted this initiative.

The Emerging Leaders Program (ELP) achieves three main purposes:

  1. It empowers African youth to be CHANGE makers.
  2. It solves CRITICAL NEEDS in the society.
  3. It teaches the youth how to be LEADERS as they work with community leaders to actualize their projects.
  4. It shows that community service can be rewarding as it provides TUITION ASSISTANCE funds for these student change makers.

The pilot program was launched in Ghana in 2014.  We expanded this program to Nigeria in 2015 and Zambia in 2017.

ELP is structured to be a competition amongst university students.  The students, in groups of 3 to 5, are required to submit a proposal on how they can help improve their community.  Collaborating with our local partners who help us implement the program on the ground, we select the most impactful group idea, fund the project, and subside the university tuition of student recipients.