tspimage5The scholarship program is run in select schools across Africa with consent from the principal and other relevant authorities. Partners in Africa recommend schools for participation in program; recommendations are sent to the Board of Trustees for final decision. The target schools are public secondary schools, preferably in rural areas. The intended beneficiaries are students in their last three years of high school. Selections are made without bias to gender, ethnicity, tribe, or religion.

Applicant Guidelines

  • Submit a completed S4A application.
  • Submit an essay describing how the S4A scholarship will assist them in reaching their potential/achieving their dream.
    • Candidates must demonstrate an inclination towards building up their community and helping others.
  • Submit three (3) years of most recent academic records.
    • Candidates must demonstrate consistent academic achievement.
  • Submit three (3) letters of recommendation from: (1) a religious authority, (2) a school personnel (principal, guidance counselor, teacher), and (3) a third person of choice.

Scholarship Recipients (for annual scholarship renewal)

  • Maintain good academic standing, verifiable from school results
  • Participate in selfless acts of service (independently OR in collaboration with other S4A recipients)
    • Example 1: A volunteer activity at school or a hospital (witnessed/supervised by S4A’s coordinating partner in Africa); or
    • Example 2: Forming a school club where scholarship recipients mentor younger kids and other students about the importance of volunteering and helping one another; or
    • Example 3: A combination of the above examples.

Meet Our Scholarship Recipients (Short Bios)

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