Potable Water is a Luxury in some parts of the world

In keeping up with its mission to inspire young folks in our mother continent to play a more active part in improving society, Selfless 4 Africa teamed up with the Global Shapers Community – Abuja Hub in May 2015 to implement the hub's Emerging Leaders Program to enable students in institutions of higher education in Nigeria present ideas on charitable projects that will best benefit their local communities, with the winning proposal garnering sponsorship for implementation of their project. In August 2015, the team kicked off with an aggressive publicity campaign, seeking applications from the brightest minds within the target audience. Selfless 4 Africa shortlisted four finalists from the pool of applications received and in October, all finalists were invited to make graphic presentations in defense of their proposed projects, and a panel of Global Shapers after a rigorous screening process, selected the winning proposal. Asuquo Godwin Emanakpa, Ukweh Everest Chima and Idiong Joshua Joseph made up the project #DrinkAndLive team, winners of the 2015 Emerging Leaders Award. The trio are undergraduate students of the Federal University of Technology, Owerri with a burning zeal and desire to make an impact, create opportunities and make a difference in their community.

Opportunity came calling, when armed with a report by the African Independent Television on the dire need for a source of potable water in Wukara community and a cash prize of $2500 to implement their project, the team set out to grant the people of Wukara one of their many wishes. Wukara is a small community in the Kuje area of the Federal capital territory and is host to a population of about a thousand people. Like many other rural communities in Nigeria, Wukara has been grappling with lack of social amenities such as access roads, hospitals, a pedestrian bridge, a secondary school, town hall and most importantly, pipe borne water. The absence of a source of potable water has left the people at the mercy of the community stream which is a few kilometers away and poses great health risks to the people as a result of poor sanitation habits. The well built by Abuja Municipal Area Council in 2009 as alternative source water is presently in a poor state due to lack of proper maintainance and the water level drops significantly during the dry season, forcing the people revert back to the stream.

After a visit to the community and seeing first -hand what the people go through daily to get water which by all standards is not fit for human consumption, the team located a central spot for the borehole and began work almost immediately with a selfless determination to give the people of Wukara community a new lease of life. It was also almost impossible to pretend not to notice how much the sight of the borehole under construction meant to the people of Wukara, judging by the animated excitement on their faces each time they walked past. Fast forward to the present day, what began as a shared vision by Selfless4 Africa, the Abuja Global shapers community, and the project #DrinkAndLive team to shape the world around them, the borehole project has been completed in good time, giving the people of Wukara community a gift of potable water and one less problem to worry about.