Public health awareness helps protect maternal health

It is surprising that there are still young girls in some of our local Nigerian communities who know nothing about what to do when experiencing their menstruation. This is because their mothers or other relatives have not disclosed to them about what to do when faced with this situation.

As a result, they fail to attend school within those days of their flow. 70% of school girls especially in areas like Tudun Wada, Gada Biu and Jenta, all in Jos North of Plateu State, Nigeria said they have no idea on what to do during their menstruation period and have to miss their studies every time. Some girls said otherwise that they cannot afford sanitary pads because they come from very poor families and so they have to use pieces of clothes during a menstrual period which is unhygienic.


Health experts agree that menstrual hygiene is basic and one of the most fundamental issues concerning reproductive health, as they are at risk of getting pelvic inflammatory disease through urine especially in cases where such pieces of clothes are contaminated with fungi or bacteria unlike using the sanitary pads which are made to absorb wetness and keep the user dry during period. Every girl deserves the right to such services that would help them maintain dignity and wellbeing during their menstrual period.

To make the lives of these victims better Selfless 4 Africa sponsored and host a proper hygiene impact project organized with a targeted number of 160 girls on proper hygiene. Sanitary pads/towels were also provided to these 160 school girls and also offered was menstrual hygiene education to both teachers and students. The schoolgirls were taught  how to take care of themselves during and when approaching their menstrual period.