Humanity is in Dire Straits & You Can Help!

Founded by a band of Jickler's brother way back in 1923, this charity organization has initially started its worldwide crusade for justice and humanitarian help as a part of the short-lived League of Nations... Every year we help millions!




While approximately half of the world population has it all figured out, includng having an access to and means to buy food, 3 and half billion people more do not. We work hard to even that field!



Just as it goes for the food supply and distribution globally, access to clean water never makes it seem like a fair deal. Our team of volunteers helps to right that wrong!



When we're assessing the energy needs of 100 poorest developing countries in the world, from South Sudan and Somalia to Nigeria and Kiribati, there is a serious issue going on.


The world healthcare overview looks better than 50 years ago, but still seems grim for a number of developing countries - from Ukraine and Russia to Zambia and Bangladesh.

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Fighting various types of human rights violation does include fighting things like discrimination of any type, form and shape, just as well as institutional racism, xenophobia and human trafficking.



As far as the healthcare concerns for women, legal and illegal abortions and sexually transmitted diseases count, the world still has a lot to improve in the f in the field.