Project Year: Emergin Leaders Program (ELP 3), 2017

Country: Nigeria

Name: Lawan Yusuf Abdullahi

Age at Project Year: 21

Course/ School: Computer Science, Bayero University, Kano

Project Description: The Winning team renovated a decayed 1,000 pupil primary school situated at Rimin Zakara Village in Ungogo LGA, Kano State. Given that little children were taking classes, sitting on diplorable floors, we decided to provide 90 benches repaired damaged floors, walls, doors, and windows, all the ceilings, and painted the entire school. We also introduced a vocational center and provided several instructional materials.

Opportunities/Recommendations Since Project Completion: We (the project team) received Honorary awards and recognitions from the State Universal Basic Education Board (SUBEB), Kano State, Local Government Education Authority (LEA). Ungogo LGA and District office.

Through the Emerging Leaders Program Lawan was able to secure many live changing opportunities such as the IMPACT Saturday program which aimed at helping and supporting needy individuals or groups, a sick person, Providing benefits to Orphans as well as providing cupplies to children in community schools.

Lawan is a graduate and a web developer, designing, and managing websites. (He can provide international web services).

Parting Words to Future Leaders: Indeed! the future belongs to those who beleive in the beauty of their dreams. you don't need to wait till you get rich for you to make an impact. Start with the little you have, a smile, councelling, mentoring and many more. All you need is to beleive in yourself, and whay you're doing. With that You and I can make this world a better palce.

Thanks  and God Bless you.